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Lost in gigabytes of information?
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siteMETA - site search engine software

diskMETA-Lite full text search engine

diskMETA-Lite is a free version of diskMETA hard disk search engine. This version has all features of the commercial versions but some of them are limited:
  • unlimited number of indexes can be created
  • supports only the three document formats .txt., .doc., .html
  • option to add a custom filename extension
  • the license allows to use this program for non-commercial purposes only
    - for educational purposes in educational establishments
    - for personal use on a home PC
    - for trial and evaluation use in an office computer.

diskMETA-Lite Advantages
  1. Intelligent full text search
  2. Fast retrieval
  3. Simple and comfortable interface
  4. Quotation of text fragments with query words highlighted
  5. Search in .doc, .txt, .html file formats
  6. Option to make a complex query with the help of Boolean and proximity operators
  7. Automatic launch of associated applications
* All products work with Win 98/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003.
* diskMETA-Lite free hard disk search engine size - 1.8 MB.

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