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siteMETA - site search engine software


Main Window

click to enlarge Search Tab
  The Main Window contains the basic commands to operate diskMETA.
  • Search Tab. It is active when you launch the program. Just enter your keywords in the search box, select an index and click FIND.

  • Indexes Tab. Here you can create, delete, update or edit your indexes.

  • Help Tab. It will help you to completely understand all diskMETA options and benefit from using them in your queries.

Index Creation Wizard

click to enlarge Folder Selection

You need to create an index to begin searching. The index contains a list of all words used in your documents. When the indexing is complete, any document located on your hard disk can be found in a fraction of a second.
  • The Index Creation Wizard will help you to select folders and formats you want to index and to name and locate your index.

  • Then diskMETA will browse the selected folders, calculate the required disk space and report that you are ready to start indexing.

  • A special status window displays the indexing process details.

Search Results Display

click to enlarge

Each page displays 10 search results. To navigate through result pages, you can use the toolbar buttons or the page navigation tabs. Each returned result includes:
  • Number. Documents are listed in the order specified by the relevance algorithm.

  • Document title. You can open a document by clicking on its title.

  • Text extract. diskMETA presents results in Internet-style with quotation of relevant fragmets and highlited keywords.

  • Document path. When you click on a path, diskMETA launches the document in an apropriate application.

Text Reconstruction

click to enlarge

Text reconstruction is a quick document text preview. It saves your time allowing to evaluate the document without browsing it.
  • To open the Advanced Search window, click 'Advanced search' above the search line.

  • You can jump from one keyword entry to another with the help of BACK and NEXT buttons.

  • Click the 'Open' button to launch the document in an apropriate application.

Advanced Search

click to enlarge

The Advanced Search dialog window lets you build complex queries without knowing query language operators. To open the Advanced Search window, click 'Advanced search' above the search box.
Advanced Search Options:
  • Query words. You can refine your query by filling in appropriate query words fields: all words (AND), exact phrase(" "), any word(OR), exclude word (NOT).

  • Date filter. diskMETA searches document of a specified period.

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